How to resolve Norton Error 8504 ?

How to resolve Norton Error 8504 ?

Norton antivirus provides protection against virus, malware, online threats without damaging the device performance. It also blocks harmful websites. You can get Norton setup product from the retail store and also download and install Norton with product key from With Norton account, you can easily download Norton antivirus product.
This error can be caused due to several reasons: Corrupt or incomplete downloadof the Norton AnrtiVirus software. Change in the Norton AntiVirusrelated software, which has corrupted the window registry. Corrupted Windows system files Norton AntiVirus related program files due to infectious malware.
Norton AntiVirus software has robust features that can help in detecting virus and malware. Despite the impressive features and is one of the most popular and used antivirus software in the market it is not immune to having errors. At times users have often complained about facing quite a few and different error codes when using, downloading or upgrading the software.

What is Norton Error 8504 ?

  1. There has been a failure to install the upgraded or newer version of the product.
  2. If there is already anothersecurity product installed in the system.

Cause of Error 8504 100

There are several reasons that can cause Error 8504 100, they are:

  1. The incomplete or corrupt download of Norton 360 software
  2. While installing or uninstalling the recent Norton 360 software the Windows registry got corrupted
  3. Corrupted Windows system filesor Norton 360 related program files due to virus or malware infection
  4. Deletion of Norton 360 relatedfiles by another program either by mistake or maliciously.
  5. It is important that youtroubleshoot the issue so that this error can be prevented in the future.

Steps to Fix Norton Error 8504 100

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