A large number of people prefer online buying mattresses nowadays. This is due to the benefits they get while purchasing. Buying a mattress online saves your time and effort that you put in while visiting a retail store. In the case of online buying, your mattress is a few clicks away. Bed in box mattresses are inexpensive as compare to the ones sold at retail stores. Retail stores often hire a salesperson who works for commission, so they try to convince you to buy a particular product just for the sake of their own commission. Your mattress becomes more expensive due to this. Online stores offer free deliveries and sleep trails, making your purchase more secure.

Best bed in box mattresses in 2020

Mattresses that provide full features and are within budget attract the buyer. Many mattresses are available in the market and have good reviews due to the ease of buying, affordable price, and good quality. Mattresses are considered good when they provide you both comfort and support. One of the best bed in a box mattress in 2020 is made of memory foam and polyfoam. The first layer consists of 3 inches thick layer of memory foam, making it perfect for comfort. The transitional and base layers are made of poly foam that provides a high level of support. This mattress is perfect for couples and people who love their bodies to be in a cradle while sleeping. This mattress’s firmness level falls under the medium category, which is 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. For best reviews check simplyresthttps://simplyrest.com/best-bed-in-a-box-mattress-brands/.

Bed in a box mattress with flippable memory foam

Another latest bed in a box mattress comes with multiple firmnesses. One side has a firmness level of 4, while another side has a 7 firmness level. This mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and body types. If it feels firm, flip the side, and your problem will be solved. The medium-soft side is ideal for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. This site provides more comfort and helps in relieving pressure. Side sleepers often feel pressure on the shoulder, back, and hips, so this side of the mattress is perfect. The firm side (7) is ideal for heavyweight sleepers so that their body does not sink too much inside the mattress. It is also perfect for people who want more support from their mattress. Both side of this bed in a box mattress isolates motion very well making it perfect for couples. The firm side is more responsive while having sex. This bed in a box mattress is extremely silent, making it even more comfortable for couples. The layers have copper infusion that helps in the regulation of temperature and thus keeps your mattress cool. The strange thing is that you get all these features at your doorstep packed inside a small box and at a very reasonable price. Yes, fellas, that is the bed in a box for you.